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Getting to Sequoia National Park

The best way to get to Sequoia National Park in California is to drive there. Sequoia National Park is actually bordered by Kings Canyon National Park to the north, and Sierra National Forest and Yosemtie National Park are also located nearby. Anyone driving to Sequoia National Park should head towards Fresno, which is the largest city near the park.

California State Route 99 and Interstate 5 are two major highways that conveniently run through the west side of Sequoia National Park. Interstate 5 can be used by visitors driving from anywhere between San Diego, California and Seattle, Washington. I-5 also runs through California's major cities including Sacramento and Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Running for nearly 900 miles, California State Route 99 is an alternate route that can be used by anyone from the state.

From Fresno, drivers need to head eastward on California State Route 180, which leads to the northwestern entrance of Sequoia National Park. California State Route 198 near the city of Visalia can be used to enter the southern part of the national park. Inside Sequoia National Park Route 180 and Route 198 merge together into the Generals Highway. The first stop at the park should be the Foothills Visitor Center, which provides official information and other directions for visitors.

Another way to reach Sequoia National Park is to take an Amtrak train to the Sante Fe Passenger Depot in Fresno, California. This station is served by the Amtrak San Joaquin line, which runs between Bakersfield, California, and Oakland, California. This Amtrak service also stops at at Sacramento. Transfers to other Amtrak lines such as Coast Starlight and California Zephyr can be made through the San Joaquin line. From the Fresno train station, visitors can either rent a car from a local company or use private taxi services. There are several car rental facilities available in Downtown Fresno near the Santa Fe Passenger Depot station.

Tourists can also take a flight to the Fresno Yosemite International Airport, which offers connections to major destinations throughout the west and southwest regions of the United States. FYI Airport has several on site car rental companies that offer a smooth transition between the airport and Sequoia National Park. Visitors can use local Fresno taxis and shuttle services for transportation between Sequoia National Park and the city's hotels. Such a transportation plan obviously requires that tourists do not camp overnight at the national park.

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