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Great Attractions at Sequoia National Park
Sequoia National Park is completely dedicated to the trees. The mammoth sequoia redwoods are the largest and most impressive trees in the world. Many of the trees are centuries old and part of a forest landscape that is not matched anywhere in the world. While the park offers many human conveniences including road access to some areas, the bulk of the park is best enjoyed by hikers and horseback riders.

General Sherman
It is not often that a single tree is considered an attraction. But then no tree matches the General Sherman. The sheer volume of the tree makes it the largest single stem tree in the world. This tree was already several centuries old during biblical times. Discovered by a soldier who had served with William Tecumseh Sherman during the American Civil War, the tree stands roughly 275 feet (84 meters) above the ground. Visitors can drive to the tree's location.

Mount Whitney
Along with big trees, Sequoia National Park contains some big mountains. Mount Whitney stands tallest among all the peaks in the lower 48 states at a majestic 14,505 feet (4,421meters). Adventurous hikers utilize the Jon Muir Trail or the Mount Whitney Trail to reach the peak of the mountain. Climbers are required to have a permit from the National Forest Service before attempting the trip.

The visitor's center houses exhibits about the park and trees and is located at the Ash Mountain entrance to the park. Another museum of interest is the Giant Forest Museum located at the Giant Forest Grove. This includes information particular to the giant sequoia ecosystem and serves as an information center for the trails and trees of the area.

King Canyon National Park
Kings Canyon is technically a separate park although it is located adjacent to Sequoia National Park. Kings Canyon also includes the giant sequoia trees and is home to General Grant Grove. This group of trees features a tree named General Grant. Even though the real General Grant commanded the real General Sherman, in the sequoia world General Grant is the second largest tree and slightly smaller than General Sherman. For fans of the confederacy, the General Grant Grove also contains a tree named Robert E. Lee although it is considerably smaller.

A number of caves are located within Sequoia National Park. Most are not open for exploration by visitors. The exception is Crystal Cave where a concessionaire provides tours.

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